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Painting and Detailing a 1962 Penske Zerex Special

For the "Dawn of Time" Sports Car

By Rick Thigpen

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I found this old body on ebay. Iím not sure of the maker but it looks like the #114 Pactra body in the 1967 Auto World Catalog. I love the swoopy fenders!



Iím using a Lancer GP driver figure, Russkit mirrors, Ulrich decals and BWA replica Russkit Cooper wheel inserts:



After scuffing the inside of the body with a Scotch Brite pad and masking the windshield itís time to spray it with Testors flat red enamel. Note the level of the Miller Genuine DraftÖÖÖ.



As you can see from how little the Miller Genuine Draft has gone down, it has been pretty easy do far:



I find detail painting very difficult. I donít do as much on a car as Iíd like to butÖÖ..I just do the best I can. To help me with helmet stripes and goggle straps I cheat and use RC striping tape:



The Russkit mirrors are epoxied to the windshield and a roll bar of 1/16Ē aluminum tube is Zap glued to the underside of the body:



The wheel inserts were painted a dark metallic grey and the aluminum rims polished:



I added an exhaust pipe of aluminum tube. Itís glued to a brass pin tube thatís soldered to the chassis:



The driver:



You really good painters (insert Jairus Watson here) can make the driverís suit look weathered and add wrinkle lines. Iíll just leave mine all nice and whiteÖ at the start of the race!



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