Jun 25

Get more diamonds with moviestarplanet tool

Few days ago I was visiting my cousin Sam, he live just few blocks from my house. I often like to go at his house and play Playstation or Nintendo with him. When I arrived he was already waiting me, everything was set for PES, we love to play soccer. After a while we was thirsty and we decide to go and buy soda and chips. His mom gave us money and we was on our way to shop. Somewhere halfway he notice something is in the grass, we came closer to what is that, it was cell phone. Someone lost his cell phone and we decided to take that cell and try to return him to his owner.

When we was back home, he turned on cell phone o is there anything that will help us to find his owner. There was some numbers in the contact list and we manage to find owner, Sem called him and told him where to come to pick up his cell. While we waited we wanted to see is there anything interesting in that phone. We watched some pictures, checked what kind of music he have and on the end we saw that there was some games on it. He had only 3 games on the phone and 2 of them was really stupid but the third one was interesting, it was some game called MovieStarPlanet. Sem enter and started to play this game, we notice that was some social game.


After a while we decided to download that game on our phones, so we did. We started to play MSP and it was funny, on the beginning you have your character and you are able to change his look, I adjust mine to look just like me, that was so cool. In MSP we was movie stars and we was in the city of movie stars. There was so many other players and we met some really cool new friends, Sam even met some girls from our town. We enjoyed so much with this game and the thing Sem and I was like the most it was that you can to make your own movie and became famous, that was pretty cool.

Only thing we didn’t like it was that you are never have enough diamonds and starcoins, and they are needed for everything in the game, without them progress was slowly. There was an option to buy diamonds and starcoins for real money but we didn’t want to spent money on the game, that stupid if you ask me. So Sam start searching online to see what we can do. He visited some forums and ask some others player about advice. After a while he met some guy that has really a lot of diamonds and starcoins, he even had VIP. He told us that we can have all this very easily. He showed to us some site with MovieStarPlanet hack on it where you can get msp free vip. So tih was MSP cheat uploaded online so you dont have to download anything, it was also protected ny the creators of site with newest protection sistem so no one can know that you are cheating. With this MSP generator you will a lot of diamonds and starcoins, you can even have VIP for one year.

Apr 19

Visit to Berlin spent playing newest game from supercell

Few days ago me and my friend, we decided to visit my sister who is in Berlin. She went to Berlin last year to work and live there. Here in England she had a nice job with nice pay but she wanted more and then one they she got this pretty good offer to go and work in Germany. I didn’t saw her since then. I miss her a lot because we are twins and I know that she miss me too. My mom made us sandwiches for the trip, we decided to go with my friends car. We went early morning because we wanted to avoid the traffic. My friend Sam is actually secretly in love with my sister but he never spoke about that and I think that he don’t think that I know that. First few hours of driving was fine, we avoid the morning traffic and we already was out of city. After a day of driving we decided to sleep over in one motel near the road. It was small but nice motel with nice rooms. We took the one with two beds. Sam was felt a sleep immediately, he was so exhausted from driving all the day.


I wasn’t that tired so I decided to take a walk around the motel, to stretch my legs a little bit. When I came back to our room, Sam was sleeping so tight and I tried to find something to amuse myself because I didn’t feel sleepy at all. Since I had only my phone with me I decided to find some game. I was like, I will play whatever and so I took the first one that I found. This game was called Clash Royale and it wasn’t so interesting on the beginning. But the more I was playin the more I was amused with this game. What I liked the most is the simplicity of this game. It was so easy to play but still I had a lot of fun. Clash Royale is strategic game, in the real time arena you will have your chance to show your strategic skills against other players. With different type of troops you wil be able to make your own strategy and win in battle. All you have to do is to destroy three enemy towers and defend your own. Sounds simple but it’s not at all.

After a while i noticed that if I want to continue with playing I’m going to need more gems and gold. Without this resources you can’t make any progress, you have to wait hours for them to collect or you can buy them with your real money. Since I wasn’t so crazy to spend my money on some game I decided to look on forums for some tips and advices. I was searching then a call from my other friend interrupted me. He wanted to see are we ok and is it everything alright. I said him that John is sleeping and I’m playing some game. Long story short, my friend on the line, he was also playing that game and I told him about my problems with resources. He gave me something great to help me with my further progress in the game. He gave me a tool called Clash Royale pro hack that will provide me enough amount of gems and gold. I was so happy to hear this, it was so easy for use, free and protected by the creators. No one can know that you are using this tool so you can’t be banned.

Jan 30

OurWorld – Play the game what you like

Play the game as you like it

Ourworld is an opportunity to venture into the world of your own for all those who are fed up of the real world and wish there was a world where they could choose all the things and people of their liking.

Advantages of digital world
A few good things about ourworld are:

1) Ourworld not only is a world away from your real world but also a great escape from the everyday chaos of life.

2) The life there is serene and peaceful.

3) You have liberty and choice of doing anything and everything that you want to do and as much as you want to do.
Your life is your choice and does not depend on anyone. Neither do people order you or boss around you nor do you have to monitor things so that they are according to the set norms of the society. In ourworld you do not have to be bothered with things that you do not want to do. You have full freedom to be yourself in the digital world unlike that of in the real world where there is a lot of pretention and people have really become sick and tired of it. There are very many people who were in a desperate need of opting out of this hectic and fake real world even if it could happen for few hours. This is why ourworld is a game in vogue where people could be themselves and even self sustain them. If you want to be not very social you have a choice of just grinding away and do things in your house. If you are social animal your needs are looked after too. You could visit friends have party and even play games of your own. It means that in ourworld you could launch games of your own and invite friends to play them.

ourworld girl

But for doing all this and much more you need to have the money and energy because otherwise your everyday needs will not be fulfilled. As soon as you register yourself in this game you are given a condo or an avatar which will be you. You could dress the condo and make it look the way you perceive yourself in reality. The ourworld currencies are of two kinds flow and points. Flow is easy to get as you are just required to do some activity to get the flow. This can be anything like talking dancing or just doing anything but getting points is a little time taking task. If you opt for just playing games and making points it is going to be a very long term plan therefore there have been introduced gem codes for ourworld. Ourworld online gem generator is an ourworld hack for getting as many gems you want and that too as many times you want. This makes the life in our world not only easy but also fast. The best thing about these ourworld gem codes is they are totally free. You can have unlimited gems and play the game indefinitely.

Jan 15

How to build Gaming Blog – Tips and Tricks

Building Gaming blog is hard thing to do,you should know that before starting. It usually takes few years to have blog big enough to make money from it. First thing you need to do is make quality website. Then you need to have idea. You need to spread that idea and show it to other people. Use forums and things like that. Make sure your comunitty is High quality. This is very important step that many people seems to not understand. So first step is to have idea!




After you got your idea,which needs to be good,next step is to promote that idea. That means that you need to reach people,to show your website,or game,or whatever you made. Go on forums,start spreading. Maybe even by some ads if you want,but make sure idea will be able to make you money in future. Hardest part is to invite people to your blog and make them stay. You need to offer sometime very interesting,maybe even make some giveaway or something like that? There are many ideas,you just need to think something. Think outside of box,that is biggest advice I can give you! It will help you a lot. So what now? Now you have your idea and you have people and you are slowly starting to make for living,you are starting to generate income. That is what it is all about – money. Gaming is multi billion dollars industry,and if you want to be part of it and get nothing in return then you are not thinking with your head,you are thinking with your *ss. You need to be able to make money,so you can live from gaming. Developers also get paid,so they can support themselfs and others. Mostly their families. Don’t support your friends,they are NOT your friends. They only care about money,do not provide them with money,don’t show them you have money if you become successful blogger. Some bloggers make millions of dollars each month,why wouldn’t you be one of those bloggers? Its not about others,its not about you,its about dollars. Idea is only worth as a guy that make that idea. Be smart,don’t let others tell you what to do! Become successful while you having fun. Its not work if you enjoy. Imagine if all would live in a world where they can do whatever they want,and get paid for that. Now,THAT would be the perfect world,wouldn’t it? Imagine driving fast cars,or playing game where you drive fast cars and getting paid for it. LOL


If you after all build successful blog,make sure to contact us,and tell us about it. Tell us that we helped you,make sure to promote our blog,or ninjas will beat your ass. LOL


Just kidding,but in fact if we helped you,you need to promote our blog. Put it in banner somewhere on your website. We want to be popular as well. Gaming is fun,but only if you make money from it. Which is actually not that hard after all. You just need to know how to do it!